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Objects can be the markers of time, the companions in our life’s experience, they connect us to the people, memories, values and ideas that matter. Each object that we create in our workshop or carry in our store is designed with passion, and meticulously made with a dedication to unwavering craftsmanship. The result? Objects made with soul.



As an evolutionary studio, we start each day with the same question: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” The answer is what makes us, us. We create from these moments of inspiration and spend the majority of our waking hours (and even some sleeping) dreaming up new forms, new materials, and new concepts using the same three principles: It should be one part beautiful, one part simple, and one part pure magic.

"The level of quality that Gamla achieves goes beyond physical space and enters the temporal. You can sense the time contained within each piece, but it is also apparent that each piece is an artifact that will express time passed as it collects the small inflections of human use."




We pour our hearts and souls into each object we create, obsessing over details and materials to ensure that they are made to last a lifetime. Working with a group of dedicated craftspeople who help us handcraft objects made with the ultimate in care, we produce exclusively in made-to-order or limited edition runs. Every object that leaves our workshop is something special to us, and we can’t help but feel that ends up as an extension of our work, adding a bit of soul to our products that wouldn’t be there otherwise.



Located on the Pier of Bowen Island, Branch 01 is an concept retail store designed by Gamla and filled with our work as well as the work of like-minded designers, artists, makers, and friends. A celebration of Canadian design, Branch 01 by Gamla is, at its core, an experiment. It is the actualization of our commitment to the idea that better objects are created by those who put more thought, effort, and time into making them; that good business means being positive, and having a positive impact on everyone it touches; that we exist to empower those around us.

Just like all of our objects, Branch 01 has a story. It is what makes us, us. We hope you will love it, too.



Ultimately, our objects live with you. They become a part of your life and they must fit into your world. Their design should perfectly reflect who you are and aspire to be. Their function should improve your day. They should have just the right amount of magic to make you a tiny bit happier.



We’re Branch and Robin, partners of 12 years. Branch’s background in art and design combined with Robin’s working for startups in communication and community-building always seemed like an ideal fit, but even more significantly, we’re both from the Canadian prairie, a place that resounds in everything we do. Though we met in Montreal, if you look hard enough you’ll find tiny bits of Winnipeg or quiet moments of a Saskatchewan grain farm in the most unexpected places in our work. When we’re not in the studio or at the store, you can be sure to find us with our dog (Gimli) in our garden, tending to our chickens, or discovering a new city or experience while on some great adventure around the globe.

Something small is happening.

We’re setting out to change things in our own way, and this is is how we’re going to do it, in our very small corner of the universe.



We are based on Bowen Island, BC, Canada, a quick 20-minute ferry ride from Vancouver. The move here at the end of 2014 was prompted by our never ending search for more balance, one that would accurately represent the way we want to live, business and all. Bowen provides us with the perfect balance: one foot in the city we're used to and the other just a little bit closer to simple.

What we’re slowly building here on the Island is something we’re calling a “destination studio”. Along with a small retail shop on the Bowen Pier, we are creating an environment for our clients and guests to experience our work and the lifestyle that inspires it. 


Our approach to business is much like an art project. We experiment, just the same as any other endeavour we take on. We see our business as an opportunity to empower others, and are committed to supporting those who dream and create beautiful, inspired things. To us, good business means being positive, in having a positive impact on everyone it touches. As a firm point, we only sell products that we love and use ourselves.


Part A (2013)

Gamla is about more than design, and more than just the making of objects;
 We are about experience, about building in the community, about finding joy in the everyday.
We believe in collaboration, in conversation, in building relationships over a common project and goal.
We believe in small production resulting in objects that are made and handled with care.
We believe in relentless perfection.
We believe in simplicity; in making beautiful things for nice people.
We believe in craftsmanship, in discipline.
We believe in long lasting objects that won’t need replacing.
We disagree with unnecessary consumerism, and believe in owning fewer things of the highest quality.
We won’t make only to satisfy an artificially created need.
We believe that our environment should be in harmony with our objects.
We believe in quality, and finding a delicate balance between form and function.
We expect nothing short of greatness, and pour pride into our business, into our community, into our projects.
We are restless, and expect to always explore, make and create.
We aim to inspire and have fun.
We believe in change, and that we will gradually, continuously grow.
We don’t know where we’re going to end up—we’re not even close to knowing—but the journey is the process: We’re not going to know until we get there.
We know this is only the beginning.
We believe in these things. Let’s see where we go together.
We are Gamla.


Sustainability is integral to our both the objects we produce and the business we run. We pride ourselves in developing new techniques, processes and strategies so that we may meet our target to ultimately transform Gamla into a truly sustainable business. Sustainability is not something we take lightly — we are passionate about design and believe that it is our duty as designers, and as a small business, to be the change we want to see in the way consumer goods are manufactured.

Materials: Sustainably-Forested Woods: We use locally sourced, renewable materials native to North America. Whenever possible, we use recyclable + biodegradable materials.

Finishes: Hand-rubbed natural oils and wax finishes: No VOC, natural protective finishes from cheese extracts for durability. Incredibly strong natural epoxy made from peanut extract.

Waste: Recycle, reduce and re-purpose most of our scraps in secondary projects. Our sawdust is used for garden compost.

Energy: We consume as little material, and energy in our manufacturing as possible. We use exclusively LED lighting in our workshop, and aspire to be entirely solar powered (eventually!) We use a 100% electric car (Nissan Leaf) for all smaller deliveries and supply runs.

Local + Lasting: We produce non disposable, long lasting products, made locally by hand in British Columbia, Canada.

Community: We believe sustainability also involves contributing to a thriving community. This means local jobs with liveable wages, community improvement projects (unsolicited improvements to community infrastructure) and simply contributing wherever we see possible.

Get Better: We are always learning new ways to become more sustainable. Do you have an idea or partnership possibility? Get in touch and make a suggestion!


And more..

If you would like to feature or interview Gamla, or would like high resolution images and further info - please get in touch.


Our products are made to order by hand in our studio on Bowen Island, Canada. Please allow 6-8 weeks lead time prior to shipment from time of order. While 6-8 weeks in the industry standard, we will do our very best to get your order to you as fast as possible. Some products may have specific lead times, see individual products for more details. Shipping fees are calculated automatically by weight. We are not responsible for any duties or customs taxes for all international shipping orders.

- Smaller objects within Canada are shipped through Canada Post. International orders are shipped through Fed Ex or DHL.

- For larger orders, we ship a palletized crate LTL freight.


We make your order with care, specifically for you. On the off chance your purchase isn't right for you or your space, you may return it within 10 days of receipt (*Not applicable to any custom orders.) Simply contact us to initiate the return, and then send the product back to us (we must receive the package within 14 days.)

The product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. A refund will be issued minus a 20% restocking fee and shipping charges. All return shipping fees have to be paid for by the customer.

RETURN SHIPPING: Be sure to ship your item by insured, traceable mail. We highly recommend you insure your parcel and adequately protect it during shipment as you are responsible for damage or loss during return shipment.


Q: Where are your products made?

A: We are very proud to say that our products are made by hand on Bowen Island, Canada.

Q: Why is your lead time 6-8 weeks?

A: We craft every project specifically for each of our clients, so we don't keep inventory on most products. This also allows us the flexibility to personalize our products to our clients requests. While a 6-8 week lead time is an industry standard, we will do our best to get your product to you as quickly as possible.

Q: But, what if I want my product sooner?

A: Please get in touch, we will try our best to accommodate your specific time frame. Additional charges may apply to rush orders.

Q: I have an idea for a custom project, or would like to customize your work, can you do that?

A: Absolutely. We constantly work with our clients to create customized pieces for their homes and commercial spaces — we’re happy to collaborate with you for your vision.

Q: What if my order is damaged in shipping?

A: OH NO! First of all, we promise to do our best to get you through this - we took a lot of pride in making that. Below is standard procedure:

Please examine condition of packaging prior to signing for it. If your product arrives damaged , a claim must be made within 10 days. If damage is due to shipping, all packaging must be kept.  Photos of the entirety of the package must be taken. Please capture each side of the box, the shipping label and the damaged item. Failure to do this may void the claim.

Damaged Packaging: Should inspection of the package show damage, it must be noted on the delivery receipt and signed by both you and the driver. Failure to do so will result in the carrier refusing to honour your claim. Retain all packaging and notify the carrier immediately that you would like to make a claim.

Concealed Damages: If damage is not apparent until the product is unpacked, then a claim for concealed damages must be made immediately. Retain all packaging and notify the carrier that you want an inspection report made so that you can make a claim against the carrier.


Wood Cutting Boards and Serving Trays:

After every use, wash your cutting board with hot water and a sponge, with soap or a liquid dish detergent.  Never leave a wooden cutting board soaking unattended in the sink or in the dishwasher. Oil every month or two, or whenever it looks a little dry. You may need to oil every few weeks if you live in a very dry climate. Use food grade mineral oil, which can be purchased at pharmacies, grocery stores, etc. Do not use an edible food oil such as vegetable oil or olive oil to oil the product. Wipe down all surfaces well with the oil and let the board sit overnight. You can then use a damp cloth to remove excess oil.

Wood Tabletops:

Our wood tabletops are finished with catalyzed lacquer. This will protect it more thoroughly than our usual oil and wax finish. To ensure the finish stays even and beautiful, be sure to wipe the entire table with a damp cloth each time you clean up any mess. Wiping one spot continuously will eventually cause table to wear unevenly. The table should be kept in a constant temperature to avoid any warping.

Wood with oil and wax finish:

Frequent dusting of your furniture will help maintain the luster. Don't place wet or hot objects on your wooden furniture. Wipe up spills immediately. Excessive or prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of your furniture and dry the wood. Besides frequent dusting, we recommend you re-wax your oil/wax furniture every six months to a year, depending on how much wear the furniture receives or the climate. If your oil/wax furniture looks particularly dry (as opposed to merely dull), you may want to re-oil the piece. Re-oiling involves removing existing wax, applying an oil product such as linseed oil, and re-waxing.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.