Why Branch?

Branch means two things to Gamla: 

  1. It's the name of our new retail shop. As in, a "branch" of our existing design studio and business.
  2. It's also the name of Gamla's co-founder and lead designer, Branch (Brent) Freedman. 

But to really understand Why Branch? we should start at the start:

When He Was a "Model" in Korea.

Branch (the man) was born with the name Brent, a fine given name that has never particularly suited him or his personality. Branch had long ago resigned himself to the name Brent, until one winter day while visiting Brian Hunter, a friend who was then living in Gwangju, near Seoul, Korea. 

Many hours and copious amounts of soju into Brent and Brian's visit, a man approached them and exclaimed, "I've been looking all over for a man with a beard! I'm a fashion designer — will you model for my catalogue?" Brent being Brent, he thought it might be a fun adventure, and agreed to go to a secluded area on a mountaintop in the middle of winter to model clothing that was at least three sizes too small.

When the designer asked for Brent's name, Brent answered:

"It's Brent." 


"Sure. Yeah, Branch."

"And your last name?"

"I don't use a last name. It's just Branch."

Long story short, it turns out the man really is a fashion designer and Branch really was a "model" for a day in Korea. Ever since then, he's been known by friends and family as Branch. And now our store is, too.